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If you want to take a holiday but you don’t know where, I recommend you to go on a Galapagos cruise and let its magnificent fauna and landscapes to surprise you. Galapagos is an archipelago situated in Ecuador, and it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The best option if you are thinking of visiting it is to take a first class Galapagos Islands cruise, like Nemo II.

Here, I present you in detail one of the itineraries, the South itinerary, in which you can enjoy 8 days visiting beautiful islands in the Galapagos archipelago.

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Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary South Day by Day
Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary South First Day Sunday AM Baltra PM Bachas Beach

Day 1 Sunday: Baltra - Bachas Beach

In the morning you will get a fly to Baltra Island where a member of our team will welcome you and drive you to the Nemo II cruise. Our first stop will be the extensive sandy beach of Las Bachas on the north coast of Santa Cruz Islands. This beautiful beach is one of the most important sea turtles neasting areas.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary South Second Day Monday Santa Cruz AM Highlands PM Breeding Center Fausto Llerena

Day 2 Monday Santa Cruz: Highlands - Charles Darwin Station

Today, in the second day of your Gapalagos Islands cruise you will have the opportunity to see the huge Galapagos tortoises in their natural habitat in the famous Charles Darwin Research Station. Here, turtles are accustomed to human contact, so it’s a great place to take photos with them, but remember it is forbidden to touch the animals. Also, if you are interested in history, in this center you will be taught about the turtles hunting carried out by pirates and buccaneers for obtaining meat and oil.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary South Third Day Tuesday San Cristobal AM Brujo Hill Kicker Rock PM Lobos Island

Day 3 Tuesday San Cristóbal: Brujo Hill - Kicker Rock - Lobos Island

Today, you will visit the Brujo Hill, a fascinating lava hill located northeast of the coast of San Cristobal Island. This bay is very popular among young sea turtles and rays, Also, it is a great place for snorkeling and swimming. We will continue the Galapagos Islands cruise to the Charles Darwin route and sail around the huge rock known as Kicker Rock, which is a nesting area for many seabirds. And then, we will visit the Lobos Island, a great place to dive with the sea lions in the calm waters of the bay.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary South Fourth Day Wednesday Espanola AM Suares Point PM Garden Bay

Day 4 Wednesday Española: Suarez Point - Gardner Bay

In the morning we will take an excursion to Punta Suarez, one of the most outstanding wildlife areas of the Galapagos Archipielago. Then, we will go to the Gardner Islet, a small island with vertical cliffs ending in blocks of sand and boulders. It is an ideal place for snorkeling. After, we will finish the day in the Osborn Islet, near the Española Island. This is a popular place among artisanal fishingmen.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary South Fifth Day Thursday Floreana AM Cormorant Point Champion Islet PM Post Office Bay

Day 5 Thursday Floreana: Cormorant Point - Champion Islet - Post Office Bay

Today, we will take an excursion to the Punta Cormorant, going 100 m down a path leading to a mangrove lagoon. This lagoon is the home of the Galapagos ducks, black storks, oystercatchers and sandpipers gold. Another path will take us to the beach, an important sea turtles nesting area. After, we will go to the Champion Island, a great place to dive along with sea lions and tropical fish. And finally, we will visit Post Office Bay where you will still find the legendary post barrel that whalers used to post their mails.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary South Sixth Day Friday AM Santa Fe PM South Plaza

Day 6 Friday: Santa Fe - South Plaza

Today, we will visit Santa Fe, a small rocky island covered with small trees and 6m high opuntia cactus. The island is mostly inhabited by a large colony of yellow land iguanas, the Galapagos hawk , blue-footed boobies and pelicans. After we will explore the South Plaza Island, a place in which lie colonies of sea lions and land iguanas. On the steep banks of the island we see a lot of birds such as nesting tropic birds and swallow-tailed gulls. In addition, we can enjoy the beautiful view from atop the steep banks or strolling along the base of the cliff.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary South Seventh Day Saturday PM Bartolome AM Chinese Hat

Day 7 Saturday: Bartolome - Chinese Hat

In the morning we will arrive to the Chinese Hat Island. The landscapes of this island are full of volcanic formations and lava tubes that is why it is important to stay in the trails. Then, when we arrive to the Bartolome Island, you will find sea turtles and possibly penguins fishing, you will get to know the smallest penguin, with a height of 25 inches.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary South Eighth Day Sunday AM Baltra AM Black Turtle Cove

Day 8 Sunday: Black Turtle Cove - Baltra

Today, we will visit the Caleta Tagus, where you could see a large number of blue-footed boobies perched on the ledges of the cliffs, as well as iguanas, brown pelicans, penguins, after breakfast we eill go to the airport in Baltra Island, where you will take your flight back home.

So, don’t think it more and book you place in the Nemo II Galapagos cruise and enjoy this incredible opportunity of visiting the amazing islands among the archipelago.

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