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Itinerary Day by Day

Are you planning to take a holiday in the Galapagos archipelago in Ecuador? Have you already booked your place on the first class Nemo II Galapagos cruise? If not, I recommend you to do so and be prepared for the amazing experience we offer you.

The Nemo II cruise offers you two itineraries to choose and here I’ll describe you the North itinerary consisting of 8 days visiting amazing islands and places full of unique vegetation and fauna. So, read it and get details about how your days will be on board our Galapagos islands cruise.

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Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary North  Day by Day
Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary North First Day Sunday AM Baltra PM Seymour

Day 1 Sunday: Baltra - Seymour

Your trip has started. The first day you will arrive to the airport in the Baltra island and here a cruise guide will be waiting for you to transfer you to the cruise. Then, we will stop in Seymour which is situated in the north of Baltra. This is an amazing island where you will find a great variety of birds as the royal frigate bird, which is a a different species from the common frigate.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary North Second Day Monday Santa Cruz AM Highlands PM Breeding Center Fausto Llerena

Day 2 Monday Santa Cruz: Highlands - Charles Darwin Station

On the second day you will visit the highlands of Santa Cruz which are really famous for their incredible vegetation. In this place, there is a private finca which is called “Las Primicias”. This is a reserve where you will have the opportunity to see the huge turtles of Santa Cruz Islands living in their natural habitat.

Then, in the afternoon, we will go to the Scientific Station of Charles Darwin where you will learn about how the islands were formed and their origins.

At night you will have a really nice dinner while we will be navegating to our next stop, Isabela.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary North Third Day Tuesday Isabela AM Moreno Point PM Urbina Bay

Day 3 Tuesday Isabela: Moreno Point - Urbina Bay

This day, we will be visiting the colorfull Punta Moreno, which is situated on the western shore of Isabela. As a result of an eruption of the alceno Volcano in 1954, suddenly some areas of the coast rose about four feet, were sections where the coast rose about four feet, making visible coral reefs.

During the morning we will visit Punta Moreno, a volcanic landscape with numerous freshwater pools and lakes where you can often observe flamingos, ducks and other birds Bahamas. Then visit Urbina Bay. As a result of an eruption of Alcedo Volcano, in 1954, suddenly there were sections where the coast rose about four feet, making visible coral reefs. These reefs are covered with trees and muyuyo manzanillos. We will have the opportunity to observe land iguanas and mangrove finches closely. From January to June you can see turtles that live in the high mountains and occasionally visit the bay.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary North Fourth Day Wednesday Santa Cruz Fernandina AM Tagus Cove PM Espinoza Point

Day 4 Wednesday Isabela: Tagus Cove - Fernandina: Espinoza Point

Continuing your tour on the Galapagos cruise, we will take you to Tagus Cove, which was historically used as an anchoring place for pirates , buccaneers and whalers. Here, We will go down a steep trail that passes through a zone of dry vegetation and volcanic landscape with trees and cactus scalecia and you will see the great views of the Darwin Lake. When you reach the top you can observe all the varied vegetation zones, Galapagos penguins, pelicans and flightless cormorants.

In the afternoon we will visit the Fernandina Punta Espinoza which is one of the places you visit in Fernandina Island. It is located between fascinating lava fields , cactus and mangroves growing on the surfaces of lava. Within this unique setting we find various animals, among which are : sea lions , flightless cormorant ( especially in spring and summer) and one of the largest colonies of iguanas of the Archipelago that you can enjoy while touring around on the Galapagos Islands cruise.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary North Fifth Day Thursday Santiago AM Egas Port PM Buccaneer Cove

Day 5 Thursday Santiago: Egas Port - Buccaneers Cove

On the fifth day, you will begin the day visiting Puerto Egas where we will walk about 2km along the coast and to see some Galapagos Island’s beautiful natural pools where we can find sea lions, herons and a variety of seabirds. Here, you can see many species as sponges, barnacles snails, etc. Also, you will have the opportunity to observe many shore birds, sea lions, marine iguanas, etc.

Then we will visit Salt Mines. This tourist site is located in the northwest of Santiago Island and return path covers a distance of approximately 8 km.

Then, in the afternoon we will visit the Espumilla beach where sea turtles nest. Finally, to finish the day we will go to Buccaneers Cove which was safe refuge for pirates, whaler and sailors.This bay is surrounded by several volcanic formations where seabirds nest . On the cliffs we find the two famous rock formations that resemble a monkey and an elephant.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary North Sixth Day Friday AM Rabida PM Sullivan Bay

Day 6 Friday: Rabida Island - Sullivan Bay

This day on your Galapagos Islands cruise we will travel to the dark red beach of the small volcanic island Rabida. A short trail leads to a lagoon which is popular for flamingos. We will know Sullivan Bay which is located on the east coast of Santiago Island. In this scenario we can see the contrast of landscapes of ancient lava eruptions the sights of the most recent eruptions. After exploring the lava flows, you can swim or snorkel with playful sea lions.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary North Seventh Day Saturday Genovesa AM Prince Phillips Steps PM Darwin Bay

Day 7 Saturday Genovesa: Prince Phillips Steps - Darwin Bay

Today, during the morning we will travel to El Barranco. This place is located at the southern end of the Darwin Harbour. We will walk the path of 1.5 km on the volcanic rock takes about two hours. The second part of the trail is very delicate , so you should always stick to the route. Due to natural erosion, often nest here storm petrels . Galapagos petrels and storm petrels wooden petrels addition to these , two species can be observed. You can also look red footed boobies and other sea birds and sea lions. The weather is usually very hot , so you need to consume plenty of water. After a wet landing on Darwin Bay will walk a short trail leads to inhabited by colonies of boobies and frigates. At the beach we can see an interesting show to watch the frigates catching prey from other species of birds in the area.

Nemo II Galapagos Cruises Itinerary North Eighth Day Sunday AM Daphne AM Baltra

Day 8 Sunday: Daphne Islands - Baltra

We will start the day sailing around Islas Daphne which is situated among the central islands of the Galapagos archipelago,we will make a sight see form the dingui.

And finally, after breakfast you will be transfer back to Baltra airport.

The Galapagos archipelago is visited every year by thousands of tourists who are amazed by the unique flora and fauna of the islands. So, do not lose the opportunity to be one of the privilege people who spend their holidays here with us. I bet you won’t regret it! Come to Galapagos and turn your stay into a unique experience.

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